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CPR Certification:

Knowing CPR is one thing, but becoming CPR certified establishes you as a well-trained individual who can be trusted in an emergency. Earn your CPR certification with CPR Providence in Worcester, MA. We offer CPR courses and exams that take a practical approach to CPR instruction, so that by the time you're certified, you're ready to act in an emergency situation.

Preparing You for Real-Life Emergencies:

When somebody stops breathing or goes into cardiac arrest, every second counts. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) can be performed by any certified individual, making it a lifesaving first aid technique that can be crucial to someone's survival in those minutes before the ambulance arrives. CPR Providence training courses teach you the methods behind CPR and allow you to practice on CPR mannequins. 
We strive to ensure that by the time you take your CPR certification exam, you're thoroughly prepared to administer it should you need to in the real world. Take the right steps towards becoming someone who can save a life. Call CPR Providence in Worcester, MA today to learn about our CPR certification.  

Emergency Training: 

CPR Providence is staffed by highly experienced professionals who can provide the emergency training you need. Our CPR and First-Aid trainings are delivered with great attention to detail because we care about giving certifications that are earned with true expertise in the subject.

We teach High-Quality CPR with Confidence, Consistency and Results.

All class are held at YMCA 766 Main St. Worcester, Ma. or at your location.

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